Test and tag is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. The process involves two steps. First, an expert visually inspects the device for any damage and then electrically tests it with a portable appliance tester. Secondly, the expert places a tag showing that the appliance is tested, who tested it, the test date, and when the next test is due. Test and tag is an essential process since it confirms the safety of the people in the workplace or anyone else who may come into contact with the appliance. At Taylors Test & Tag, we specialise in domestic and commercial electrical test and tags. Our High-Quality Portable Appliance Testers can accurately test a wide range of equipment from general electrical appliances to emergency systems and industrial-grade tools. We will come directly to your home, office, or worksite to avoid disrupting your day.

Who Needs to Test and Tag?

Any industry that is likely to damage equipment at a faster rate should have its appliances tested and tagged every three months. Industries such as construction, demolition, and mining operate in harsh environments. As such, their equipment goes through severe wear and tear. The test and tag colours change for every three months of testing. However, test and tagging is not a legislative requirement for these industries. The process is a precaution since employers must ensure the safety of their employees. If someone was hurt from an appliance that was not tested and tagged, the employer could be liable. People in the hiring industry have some requirements. For instance, the hirer must visually test equipment before the lease. The appliance should also go through the electrical test and tag process every three months, which is the hirer’s responsibility when they have possession of it. Not all industry equipment is tested and tagged. However, any device with a flexible cable, removable plug, and high voltage (not exceeding 50V) should be tested and tagged. Generally, electrical appliances can be classed as either; Class I; this is an earthed appliance, for instance, kettles, irons, and toasters. Class II; double insulated appliances, which have a symbol (a square within a square) or with the words ‘Double Insulated’. The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the test and tag industry. It sets out recommendations to issues like test and tag intervals, defines who can test and tag, and other general guidelines.

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Taylors Test and Tag have been operating since 2016. We have served many clients with 1-10 items and up to 5000 items. Our company has also introduced fire equipment testing, making us your one-stop shop for all your electrical tagging. We provide free report sheets and compliance letters for your peace of mind. Our team will also add you to our database to contact you when the next scheduled testing is nearly due. If you require professional and quick test and tag services, call our team immediately. ​