General Test & Tagging

Commercial & Industrial Tagging

Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760 regulations state that test & tagging by a licensed tradesman is a non-negotiable requirement for businesses. Any electrical item that plugs into single or 3 phase power outlets needs regular testing. Failure to do so can result in liability if a staff member is injured, or worse, by faulty equipment.

Don’t let your worksite become a hazard. Choose Taylors Test & Tag to set up regular checks of your tools, appliances and cords. We take all the hassle out from managing this important Occupational Health and Safety issue by sending you reminders of upcoming test & tags renewal dates and providing clear reports and certificates of compliance.

How It Works

1. Visual Inspection

We’ll check for any defects with the item, including ensuring cords are properly attached to plugs and no frayed ends are present. We test the components and confirm that everything is working as per normal.

2. Electrical Testing

We use the latest in Portable Appliance Tester technology to check for electrical faults, such as insulation resistance, earth leakage and polarity abnormalities for both single and 3 phase items.

3. Tagging the Item

Our professional and easy-to-read Q-coded tags make it clear and simple to keep account of your electrical items. The tag is attached to the item, and displays the name of the tradesman, date of test and the next test due date.

4. Failed Tests

Items that fail our comprehensive testing process are tagged accordingly and brought to the client’s attention immediately. Where applicable, we can replace plug tops in as little as 10 minutes.

5. Reporting

As part of our quality service, you’ll receive a free report and compliance letter for the test and tags we’ve carried out. That’s a great value!

Plus More

Need additional services?

Simply call our professional and reliable tradesmen to discuss your particular issue, and we’re sure to be able to help you out. We service the Adelaide metropolitan area and surrounds.

Microwave Testing

In accordance to Australian Standard 3350, microwaves used in workplace settings need to be regularly tested for deadly radiation leaks and faults. Don’t risk it – get TaylorsTest & Tag to check your microwave from $9.95 today!

Electrical Cord Testing

Frayed cords and faulty plug anchoring are a straight-up hazard to your family or staff. Get them assessed and tagged quickly and cost effectively by our trusted tradesmen.

Compliance Letter

We supply you with a FREE compliance letter at the completion of your job. This is to certify that your workplace meets the Australian Standards and have had a qualified tradesmen tag your electrical items.

Visual and Defect Report

Once we’ve checked and tagged your items, we’ll provide you with a FREE report highlighting any defects or faulty items. Our reports are also a great way to keep record of your inventory too!

Computers, Monitors and Laptop chargers

Testing your computer hardware is important too. We’ll individually test the monitor, PC, leads and chargers to ensure optimal safety and functionality of your system.

RCD's (Residual Currency Devices)

Your home or office’s safety switch triggers electricity flow to cease when a fault is detected. For this reason, regular testing is crucial to the safety of the premises and Taylors Test & Tag can complete a thorough check with minimal disruption to your working day.

Power Tools testing

Ensure your portable power tools are up to scratch with a fast test & tag by our qualified team. Our Q-Coded printed tags look professional and make your tagging obligations easy to keep track of.

Extension leads testing

This is a simple testing process that’ll only take a minute. We’ll check for any abnormalities in the pins or fraying of the cord and ensure electrical flow is optimal.

We have all the right tools and experience to get the job done