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Best Exit Light Testing Adelaide

Exit Light Testing Adelaide

Our exit light testing Adelaide is absolutely essential for the safety of your staff or colleagues. So next time you walk into your workplace, make sure you raise the question—when did you last have them checked?

It’s actually a legal requirement to have all emergency lighting and fire safety equipment checked every 6 months in alignment with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2293.

Our team will carry out and exit light testing Adelaide to ensure everything is fully functional, before adding the appropriate tagging using our Q-coding system. Our tags clearly display data such as the date, safety status of the appliance, the person who tested your equipment and the required re-test date to help you stay ahead of OH&S regulations.

Our team will then produce a comprehensive report detailing all the work that was carried out before issuing a Certificate of Compliance for your records.

Exit Light Testing Adelaide

Why Should You Bother Getting Your Exit Lighting Tested?

No different to wearing seatbelts when driving a car, exit light testing Adelaide is a standard safety requirement in any commercial setting. Exit lights are heavily depended on to co-ordinate large groups in emergency situations. And this doesn’t just apply to situations where a fire has broken out, they’re also a safety resource during power outages.

While it might appear that your exit lighting is functioning okay, professionals account for a number of technical elements when assessing and testing the performance. Failure to comply with the testing regulations outlined in the AS/NZ 2293 Standard won’t only result in a penalty, but you could be jeopardising the safety of those working within your premises.

That’s a burden no one wants to carry. Let us take stress out of the equation by scheduling you in for regular exit light testing Adelaide!

Why Choose Taylor’s Test & Tag for Your Exit Light Testing Adelaide?

Why should you just bite the bullet and get your exit light testing Adelaide done? Safety is one thing that should never be compromised, so that’s why Taylor’s Test & Tag have simplified our service to entice more business owners to maintain the performance of their equipment and electrical appliances.

This includes everything from smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, right through to cords, microwaves, and even 3-phase equipment at no extra charge. Ultimately, we’re considered a one-stop-shop in our field. That’s one of the factors behind the long-standing relationships we build with our customers.

If need be, we’re qualified to provide on-the-spot plug top replacements which means less interruption to your daily practice! We’re also one of the more accessible businesses—extending our service right across Adelaide and Metropolitan areas. So, if dependability is what you’re looking for, choose Taylor’s Test & Tag!

If you’re overdue for your exit light testing Adelaide, call on our friendly team of professionals to come out and check your appliances to restore safety in your home or workplace. Wear and tear is inevitable—but as they say, prevention is the best cure! Call us on 0490 910 141 to schedule your first appointment.