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Emergency Testing Expert in Adelaide

Emergency Testing Adelaide

Emergency testing Adelaide should be adopted into the standard maintenance procedures of any business—regardless of the scale. In fact, it’s actually a legal requirement under the Australian Standard 3760 that your emergency lighting and fire protection systems are checked every 6 months.

This includes equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and even emergency exit lighting which is heavily depended on when co-ordinating large groups to safety. But with a business to run, equipment isn’t always at the forefront of your thoughts—which is why Taylors Test & Tag is the go-to.

Not only will we come out to test and tag your emergency equipment, but we provide comprehensive reports and a Certificate of Compliance for your records. Our team will also notify you when it’s time for another assessment to keep you on top of OH&S regulations. Leave the responsibility to us for your emergency testing Adelaide!

Emergency Testing Adelaide

Our Extensive Electrical Testing Services

Emergency testing Adelaide is just one of the services we offer here at Taylor’s Test & Tag. We specialise in electrical equipment, which covers the detailed assessment and testing of all cords, appliances, chargers, power tools and extension leads to optimise the safety of any home or workplace.

Safety lies at the forefront of our work, so while we work efficiently, we never compromise the quality of our workmanship. Part of that process involves our advanced Portable Appliance Tester technology, which checks for electrical faults like earth leakage, insulation resistance or polarity abnormalities evident in single or 3-phase equipment.

Once tested, all your appliances are tagged using our clear Q-coding system which displays relevant data like the date, person who carried out the service, and the estimated re-test date to keep you on top of your electrical maintenance. Call us for more info on your electrical and emergency testing Adelaide!

Common Queries About Our Services

When it comes to electrical and emergency testing Adelaide, we receive a lot of the same queries from our customers. Firstly, how often do I have to get my test and tagging done? Well, emergency systems and exit lighting should be assessed by a professional every 6-months.

However, electrical testing isn’t quite as straightforward. How frequently your appliances are used, the environment they’re used in and the risks associated with their use are all contributing factors to the rate of wear and tear. That’s why education is a big part of our service, and we’ll gladly provide you with all the information you need to meet safety expectations as per the Australian Standards.

We also stress that there is no minimum number of appliances that can be tested, but many of our clients are surprised by the number of appliances they rely on to operate their business.

Stay on top of your home or workplace safety by investing in reliable service from Taylor’s Test & Tag. When you’ve got a business to run, appliance functionality and safety isn’t always at the forefront of your thoughts. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to notify you when the time for emergency testing Adelaide is approaching!