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Test and Tag Service

Test and Tag Near Me

There’s no need to filter through search results for ‘test and tag near me’, because Taylor’s Test & Tag service all of Adelaide and surrounding metropolitan areas.

We want everyone in our community to have access to reliable and affordable test and tagging services to optimise the safety of their home or workplace. We don’t just test your appliances, we offer education, provide comprehensive reports, and have the necessary qualifications to provide on-the-spot plug top replacements if necessary.

We also stay on top of maintenance for you by notifying you when your next assessment is due based on your electrical usage. That’s one question we get asked frequently—how often do you need to get your appliances tested? Well, this comes down to a variety of factors like the item itself, the environment it’s used in, your location and the level of risk associated with its use.

Test and Tag Near Me

Test and Tag Near Me | Your Easy Full Scope Service

As the most friendly and dependable ‘test and tag near me’ service in Adelaide, we’re widely trusted to carry out testing across a variety of industries. This partly relates to our full-scope service list, which also covers emergency testing to ensure your staff, colleagues and customers have functional safety resources available in times of emergency.

As per the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2293, it’s a requirement that your appliances are checked 6-monthly. We can co-ordinate this with our electrical testing service to get everything done in one visit for your convenience! That way you can rest assured knowing your business is fully compliant with OH&S regulations.

We even carry the responsibility of scheduling out the work and notifying you when it’s due. We’ll address everything from smoke alarms & fire extinguishers, through to appliances and cords. End your search for test and tag near me with Adelaide’s trusted electrical testing professionals.

How the Process Works

After hiring services from Taylor’s Test & Tag, you’ll never need to search for ‘test and tag near me’ again.

That’s because we build long-standing relationships with our customers on the foundation of trust, consistency, and precision in our work.

Our proven process Is the drive behind our success, and it enables us to complete work efficiently with minimal disruption. It starts with a visual inspection, whereby we assess your appliances for defects like frayed ends and damage.

We then carry out the electrical testing using our state-of-the-art Portable Appliance Tester technology. This will indicate whether there’s insulation resistance, earth leakage or polarity abnormalities.

Appliances are tagged using our Q-coded system which clearly displays all the data like date, status and renewal period. Everything we have tested is detailed in a report, and customers receive a free Certificate of Compliance for their records. As the go-to test and tag near me, we don’t miss a single detail!

For all your electrical and emergency testing needs, contact the company who genuinely care on 0490 910 141. Our premium equipment, incredible staff and high level of customer services have built us the reputation of Adelaide’s #1 ‘test and tag near me’!