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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently do I need to get tested?

This depends entirely on the item you need tagged, location and environment the item is used in, and the risks associated with its use. Australian Standard 3760 outlines the various re-testing requirements, from monthly, yearly up to 5 yearly. We can explain to you the specific time frames for re-testing your equipment and schedule inspections as required. Our clear Q-coded tags display dates for re-testing and we’ll also send you a reminder to ensure your equipment always complies with regulations.

What must I get tested?

You must have regular testing on any appliance or tool at your workplace that has a flexible cord and plugs into a 240V single or 415V 3 phase power point. Items are to be under 16kg, or if over 16kg, have a handle to enable portability. Examples of items that need testing include toasters and laptops, power tools, extension cords, printers, photocopiers, RCDs, vacuum cleaners and fork lift chargers. Talk to our team if you’re unsure about a specific item.

What is the minimum amount of items I can get tested?

There is no minimum number of items that can be tested, although most workplaces will have multiple items that require tagging to comply with Australian Standards. Call us for a chat about your property and the types of electrical items present.

What happens if an item fails the test?

We have a responsibility to report all defective items and label them as such. Items that are found to be hazardous must be tagged and withdrawn from use immediately. A qualified repairer can then assess if the item can be fixed or should be discarded altogether.

How long will testing and tagging take?

Testing and tagging only takes a few minutes – depending on the electrical item. A thorough visual inspection of plugs, cords and anchors is carried out, then an electrical test is carried out. Power to the appliance must be cut during this period, but we ensure minimal disruption to your day and conduct the testing quickly and accurately.

What records of proof of tagging do I need?

We label all equipment with a Q-Coded tag, which not only looks professional, but has all of the required information in one place. You’ll have a record of the tradesman, date and result of testing, and a re-testing date. Taylors Test & Tag also supplies a detailed report and certificate of compliance to keep for your records.

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