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Best Electrical Testing Adelaide

Electrical Testing Adelaide

When it comes to electrical testing Adelaide, there’s only one number you need to keep on your fridge—and that’s Taylor’s Test & Tag. Firstly, we extend our service right across the metropolitan area to ensure everyone has access to safe and reliable workmanship.

We use advanced electrical testing technology to back up our visual inspections, and have the ability to test 3-phase equipment at no extra charge! Additionally, we’re qualified for on-the-spot plug top replacements which makes our service even more convenient for businesses.

After we’ve carried out our comprehensive assessment, we use our clear tagging system to help our customers identify the date, person who serviced their appliance, and the renewal date. All the details are outlined in a free report, and we even issue a compliance letter for your accreditation.

If you’re looking for full-scope electrical testing Adelaide to protect your staff or loved ones, choose Taylor’s Test & Tag!

Electrical Testing Adelaide

Appliances we service

Because our electrical testing Adelaide is full scope, there’s even less organising and work involved for you. Here’s a more detailed overview of just some of the appliances that we test and tag for our customers—but we welcome all kinds of requests!

Microwave testing: Unbeknown to a lot of business owners, microwaves used in workplaces require regular testing for radiation leaks and faults in compliance with Australian Standard 3350.

Electrical cord testing: Electrical cords are subject to wear and tear, and faults can pose a major hazard to your family or staff.

Residual Currency Devices (RCDs): These devices keep you protected by halting the flow of power to electrical sources when a fault has been detected. Our team will stay on top of maintaining your RCDs to ensure you always have adequate protection.

We can also carry out electrical testing Adelaide on power tools, extension leads and more!

Our emergency electrical testing Adelaide

We offer electrical tagging Adelaide in both residential and commercial applications to keep the entire community safe from hazard. One of the most important services to consider is emergency testing, which is particularly important in a business setting where multiple people need to be co-ordinated.

This includes emergency exit lighting, which highlights the path to safety for customers and staff in hazardous situations. As per the Australian Standard AS/NZ 2293, our team will come and check that all your lights are fully operational on a 6-monthly basis.

We also come out and check that your fire protection systems—like extinguishers and smoke alarms—are functioning as they should be. With a service as reliable and straight-forward as ours, there’s no excuse not to optimise the safety of your workplace with electrical testing Adelaide.

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Keeping your home or workplace safe doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Leave your electrical testing Adelaide with our fantastic, dedicated team and receive reliable service to eradicate electrical risk! Call us on 0490 910 141 to schedule your appointment, and we’ll notify you when it’s time for the next assessment to help you keep on top of OH&S requirements.