Your Local Test and Tag Experts

Electrical equipment testing and tagging is the best way to keep your business and home protected against potential fire hazards emanating from faulty electrical equipment. If you are in Adelaide, you can protect your premises from severe damage and ensure the safety of your team through Taylors Test and Tag in Adelaide. You probably need all your electrical equipment to operate safely and efficiently. So, you need professional electrical test and tag services to get a clear and detailed picture of the equipment that you are handling.

This service will enable you to notice defects and faults in your equipment hence reducing the risks for your employees. Many businesses and industries are dependent on electrical appliances in their daily operations. They must provide a safe working environment by adhering to the Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards. Taylors Test and Tag can have your equipment tagged and tested to your satisfaction. We provide these essential services at affordable rates for the best solutions.

Work Environment Safety

Test and tag services entail inspection of your electrical equipment by a professional service expert. When conducting the process, you can identify defects and malfunctioning equipment and handle them before they cause accidents to your employees. Through tagging, you document the testing results, hence keeping your staff aware of the condition of each piece of equipment. In addition, you become compliant with the government’s safety standards, making your workplace safe to do business.

On the other hand, failure to test and tag your equipment means you are non-compliant with the set rules. For this reason, you can pay hefty fines for not providing a safe environment for your employees, in addition to risking their lives. At Taylors Test and Tag, we advise our clients to be sensible enough to have their electrical equipment tested and tagged by experts to avoid these problems. If you are a new client, we will provide you with a discount if you give us a chance to serve you.

Proficient and Maintenance

Through Taylors Test and Tag services in Adelaide, you can make your electrical equipment maintenance as proficient as possible. This is because you can detect minor faults and defects early. As such, your equipment maintenance schedule remains up-to-date. If you have equipment with more significant issues, you need not worry. Our professionals can repair them before they cause any short-circuiting or destruction to your home or business premises. Besides, test and tagging is cheaper than handling the hazards caused by unsafe electrical equipment.

Many insurance companies have recently been keen on getting tests done to cover your valuable electrical equipment. For this reason, if you routinely test and tag your equipment, you can rest assured that you will pay lower premiums. Therefore, you can save money and your business’s operating capital by having your equipment tested and tagged.


Acquire the proactive approach of making your business safe and compliant with the state’s regulations through professional equipment testing and tagging. You can get in touch with Taylor Test and Tag experts for top-notch and affordable services in Adelaide.