We commonly use portable fire extinguishers as our first line of defense against small fires, and chances are you’re near one right now. You want to make sure it’s operational at all times, just like any other lifesaving equipment, so it’ll work when you need it most. Fire extinguishers, when used in accordance with regular inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) procedures, can be long-lasting and reliable solutions for putting out a minor fire quickly.


Your systems must be examined on a regular basis, whether you are in a local church or a 500,000 square foot manufacturing company. If you’ve fallen behind on inspections due to the Coronavirus epidemic or for any other reason, you’re likely in violation of local fire laws and risk facing harsh consequences. Missing these crucial checks has a number of severe consequences. So if you aren’t aware of it, then make sure that you have your fire extinguisher testing done in Adelaide as early as possible!!

How Often Does Fire Extinguisher Testing Need To Be Done?

When it comes to fire extinguisher tests and tags, one of the most often asked questions is how often you should schedule inspections. A fire extinguisher technician should check and test every aspect of your fire extinguisher at regular intervals during its life.


We have some helpful information for you on how often fire extinguisher testing should take place, but before we get into it, there are certain other inspections that happen more frequently.


Monthly Inspection:


Every month, the person in charge or fire marshal must conduct a monthly inspection. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the extinguisher has not been damaged or tampered with and that the pressure gauge (if one exists) is still in the green.

Required 6 Monthly Inspection:

Fire extinguishers must be inspected every 6 months by a qualified individual. It’s similar to when your car needs an oil change, except that fire extinguisher maintenance is a legal necessity with harsh fines.


Now it’s time for some testing.

Water, foam, and powder extinguishers sometimes known as extended service or, in the case of CO2, overhaul service should be discharge tested every 5 years, while CO2 extinguishers should be discharge tested every 10 years. The examination ensures that they work and are in good working order on the inside.


The tests must be performed by a specialist once again.


They may be recharged on the spot with water and foam. The powder will be too messy, and CO2 extinguishers will need to be tested hydraulically in a workshop. Rather than discharge in-situ, the technician will normally substitute them for ones that have been factory tested.


We normally replace extinguishers with brand new ones because the cost of a new product is usually less than the cost of refilling or testing an old one. Furthermore, because the extinguisher is already 5 years old, it is likely to pay for the test and refill this year, just to have it fail the service and require replacement the following year.


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